Types of Termite: What You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you’re food to them” before. That’s because, as you may know, termites are a type of insect that eats wood. Healthida state the good news is that there are many types of termites and not all of them eat wood! In this blog post we will talk about the different types of termites so you can take steps to prevent infestation in your home or business.

You may be hearing the term โ€œtermiteโ€ and wondering, “Do I have them in my home?” There are two types of these pesky bugs you’ll find out here – subterranean termites or drywood. Subterranean is a type that stays underground because they’re wet there! These guys will eat away at your house by eating through wood beams without notice (that’s why it’s important to spot treat). Drywoods prefer structures like furniture with lots of crevices as their homes. You can use poisonous barriers against this type but for defenses on both fronts, get fumigation services if need be!

Subterranean termites: The subterranean termite can be found anywhere in the U.S. They are one of two types, and they do more damage than other type due to their saw-toothed jaws which create mud tubes or highways from wood and soil for them to travel on inside your home! If given enough time, a colony could completely collapse an entire building because of how quickly it eats away at its materials with these sharp teeth like claws that get sharper after feeding off things such as concrete walls or furniture frames.

Drywood termites: Dry wood termites are able to live in dry, wooden materials and don’t require contact with the ground. Unlike their subterranean counterparts who create a mud tube system for travel, these insects can only be found on warm coastal regions or near other sources of water such as lakes and streams. Drywood termite colonies often hold up to 2,500 members that span the color spectrum from yellow-tan to light brown which is similar many different types of furniture they feast upon – including bookshelves!

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